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This self-directed course by Pat Lillich has limitless applications!

Description: How to create simple clay bas-reliefs, use Silicone Putty to make simple molds, and then use Japanese papers and acrylic mediums to create casts from them, representing beautiful translucent feathers for embellishing your dolls, home decor, cosplay masks or costumes, etc. You're limited only by your imagination!
Media Category: mixed media
Course Type:  Self-directed (refer to the FAQ page for full descriptions of each course type)
Course Format: Demonstration/video lesson
Course Begins: Ongoing
Course Duration:  You will need time to sculpt your master item, then an hour or two to allow the mold to set up. Finally, you should let the cast paper dry for at least a day before unmolding.
What will Students learn? You will see how to sculpt simple bas-relief items like feathers, then how to use silicone putty to make simple one-sided molds, and then how to use the molds to cast paper and acrylic medium casts.
Instructor/Students interaction: Answer questions via emails
Skill Level: All levels welcome
Required skill(s): A willingness to play with clay, and to get your hands really messy

Supplies and tools for the master feather form: 
- Monsterclay or other meltable wax-based clay or soft polymer clay
- Double boiler and heat source (like a hot plate) to melt the meltable clay
- Sculpting tool of your choice (like stainless steel wax tools or dental tools)
- Mylar Stencil Sheets
Supplies and tools for the mold-making:
- Silicone Putty like Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty or Environmental Technology Castin' Craft
- Easy Mold
Supplies and tools for the cast feather forms:
- Japanese Tengucho and Unryu papers – available from and Amazon
- Golden brand Soft Gel Medium (Matte and/or Gloss) + acrylic paints as desired

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Course Curriculum

    1. Making simple molds to help you cast lightweight elements for your sculptures

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Pat Lillich

Mixed Media - Air dry clays - Polymer Clays - Resin - Papers

Pat Lillich just likes to play - ever since her father gave her some scraps of wood, a hammer, nails and a bunch of springs to play with in the garage beside him. Figuring out how to make something work evolved into trying to figure out why her clay figures just didn’t look like those in the museums. Both endeavors look to be lifelong obsessions.

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