Which courses are right for me?

We offer instruction for people with little dollmaking experience to people with advanced skills. We have courses in a variety of dollmaking styles and techniques where you can learn or enhance your skills in a specific area, or complete a project. Each course has its own Course Description Page where you can find all the information you should need to determine which courses you’d like to buy.

What are my options for course “types”?

Type A: Interactive Course 
These include Course Materials consisting of any or all of the following media: still photos or drawings, videos, PDFs (text and/or images), PLUS Instructor Interaction with students through the instructor’s choice of venue, such as: email questions and answers, private group rooms (such as Facebook), scheduled “Live” Q&A or lessons (such as on Zoom or Facebook Live).

Type B: Self-directed Course
These include Course Materials only, consisting of any or all of the following media: still photos or drawings, videos, PDFs (text and/or images), WITHOUT Instructor Interaction.

Type C: Student Choice
Students may choose to purchase these courses as either an Interactive Course or a Self-directed Course. 

For an explanation of options, please refer to each course’s Description Page.

What are "Archive" and "Legacy" courses?

Archive Course: Current Artist Members’ older class content, videos, tapes, or DVDs that have been converted to digital format.
Legacy Course: Deceased members also have Legacy Courses on the Academy, managed by heirs or given to NIADA for our management.
Disclaimer: While the early recording technology and resolution of older video recordings may not be on par with current standards, the techniques and information shared by these Master Artists are timeless and still relevant for today's students.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. You will be required to create an account to enroll in any course. A User can create their account on a page which pops up as they click to buy their first course, or can sign up from the Create a New Account page or through your Google or Facebook accounts. 

How can I edit my profile? 

When you post and comment in an Interactive Space, your profile picture and name will appear. If you would like to customize what is visible to those you interact with, you can update this in your account page. This is accessible from My Account in the site header. Make sure to save your changes!

How do I change my password? 

1. Click My Account 
2. Select Password on the left menu
3. Input new password under Change Password and Retype Password
4. Input original password under Current Password 
5. Click Update 

Am I allowed to share my login and the courses I purchase? 

No. Materials purchased or downloaded from the site are for your own personal use. The person who buys the class is the only authorized user. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, or give away learning materials that you receive from the NIADA Academy to any other person or entity without permission from the Instructor. Sharing the course content is a copyright violation. Refer to our TERMS OF USE for complete information. 

Where can I see all of the courses I have registered for?

When you log in you will be taken immediately to your Student Dashboard. Your Dashboard will display all course enrollments. For courses already in progress, you can click on any of the courses available and continue where you left off. 

Can I enroll in more than one course at a time? 

Please feel free to explore our many dollmaking styles and techniques by enrolling in as many courses as you’d like! If you are interested in courses where the Instructor offers scheduled interactions, however, you might want to make sure that the schedules aren’t in conflict. 

What is an “Interactive Space”? 

Some, but not all courses may have online interactions between students and instructors via chat rooms, emails, Facebook private group pages, or Zoom meetings. Participants must agree to comply with our guidelines of ACADEMY USER CONDUCT. Online interaction brings instructors and students together for the opportunity to discuss course content, share learnings, show their work, and ask questions. 

How will I access my course’s Interactive Space?

Accessing your Interactive Space will be explained on your Student Dashboard when you log into your account, or you will be given a direct link. You can bookmark an interactive page for quick access. 

How can I communicate with my instructor? 

Please be guided by what is stated by the individual instructor and course description, as this will vary by course. 

How long do I have access to a course? 

Most courses will have content that is downloadable, and if so, you are welcome to store a copy on your own device. In the event that a course might be only available to watch via the site, you will be informed of that on the Course Description Page, and can assume that the course will remain available for you to view for the life of the Academy. 

How do I access support? 

If you have questions about how to use the Thinkific platform, please access their help information: Thinkific/articles/troubleshooting If you have questions relating to NIADA Academy courses, you can email us at: [email protected] 

Are there captions or translations available?

Availability of captions and translations will vary from course to course. That information should appear on the Course Description Page. As we move forward, we are hoping to increase the number of courses that have captions or translations included, so keep checking back for changes and additions, and feel free to ask specific questions about what you need. 

Can I write a course review?

We want all students to have a great online learning experience. Students are encouraged to share your experiences via social media or write a testimonial on the Academy site. 

What form of payment can I make for my course(s)?

We currently only accept PayPal. 

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You do not need a PayPal account to enroll in any of our courses.
- Click on the ENROLL NOW button, this takes you to the Confirm & Pay page.
- Click on the Pay with PayPal button, you will see a popup window.
- Click on PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD below the Paypal Login button.
- You will see the PayPal Guest Checkout popup window to add your credit card and info.
- You have the option to create a PayPal account (or not).

I have a coupon. How do I apply it to a course?

If an Instructor has issued a Gift Certificate coupon, it can only be used for the Course specified on the certificate. If there is no expiration you can use it anytime.
- When you enroll in the Course it takes you to the payment page.
- Click on Have a Coupon? and enter the coupon code, the Total Price will reflect the discount.

How do I use an Academy Gift Card?

To redeem Gift Cards purchased on NIADAartists Etsy follow the same procedure as above using the Gift Code on the card.
- Gift Cards are valid for ONE year and can be used only for our online Courses on the NIADA Academy website.  
- Any balance on the Gift Card can be applied to another Course.
- Academy Gift Cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can I get a refund? 

We want you to be happy with your purchase. However, we cannot offer refunds for courses, (unless there has been a mistake on our part) since purchasers have instant access to course content. You may receive a refund or exchange, minus shipping expenses, for returned product purchases, such as supplies and kits.