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Ongoing Course, Open to Everyone

Description: Making hollyhock dolls from flowers and buds is a traditional Nature Craft that may have been one of your grandmother's childhood playtime activities. This little course will show you how to pass down this summertime fun to today's children.
Media Category: Other
Course Type: Self-directed (refer to the FAQ page for full descriptions of each course type)
Course Format: Demonstration
Course Begins: Ongoing, open to Everyone
Course Duration: 7 minutes

What will Students learn? You will learn about a fun traditional dollmaking craft that you can share with all the kids in your life.
Instructor/Students interaction: No Interaction
Skill Level: Youth 4 and up plus All levels
Required skill(s): No special skills required.

Supplies and tools: Fresh hollyhock flowers and buds, scissors, toothpicks, clay (optional)
Downloads: Video demo

Course Curriculum

    1. FREE! For kids. How to make Hollyhock Dolls

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Shelley Thornton


Shelley Thornton is a lifelong artist of varied endeavors, including illustration, graphic design, printmaking, toymaking, animation, and clothing design and construction. She earned a BFA from the University of Nebraska in LIncoln, where she still resides. In 1993, she became a doll artist and dollmaking teacher, and was elected into NIADA in 1995. Her cloth dolls feature needle-sculpted, embroidered faces, wooden ball joints and meticulously designed and crafted clothing. Her unmistakeable style is defined by her unique juxtaposition of patterns and colors and her signature stuffed cloth hair. She loves to share her techniques with other dollmakers.

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