Ongoing Course, Open to Everyone

A twenty-minute demo with Kate Church on making hands with polymer clay. The tutorial shows Kate's personal process of making, coloring and posing hands.

Media Category: Polymer Clay
Course Type: Self-directed (refer to the FAQ page for full descriptions of each course type)
Course Format: Technique
Course Begins: Ongoing, open to Everyone
Course Duration: 20 minutes

What will Students learn?
Students will observe and listen to Kate's personal hand-building process. Inspiration and technical information and ideas.
Instructor/Students interaction: No interaction
Skill Level: All levels welcome
Required skill(s): Curiosity

Supplies and tools: None
Downloads: None

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About this course

  • $5.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Kate Church

Polymer Clay - Mixed Media

The line and gesture of Kate's work draws on a continuing practice and study of the human figure. Drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpting are a major part of Kate’s work life. Her use of fabrics reflect a background in textile design, her major course of study at Rhode Island School of Design: BFA 1978
The intention of the work is to carry a sense of emotion through the posture and expression of the figure evolving in front of her. Built using a process that is movable throughout its construction, a tangible sense of emerging comes naturally to the finished sculpture. Movement is part of their design.

VISIT: Kate Church Portfolio