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Ongoing Course, Open to Everyone

Course Description:  The students will learn how to sculpt a clown face, his boots and hands/gloves.

  • How to make a standing body for him.
  • How to make the base form for him to stand on.
  • How to paint all body parts.
  • How to make the costume.
  • How to put the costume on the doll and finish the clown.

Media Category: Air Dry Clays
Course Type: Student Choice (see the FAQ page for full descriptions of each course type)
Course Format: Full project shown in videos, PDF's and JPG's
Course Begins: Ongoing, open to Everyone
Course Duration: Five days. Depends on the student how to manage this. 

What will Students learn?
How to make a complete standing doll.
Instructor/Students interaction:
- Answer questions via emails
- “Live” Instruction (eg: Facebook Live, Zoom)
- One-on-One Coaching (or small group)

Skill Level: All levels welcome
Required skill(s): No special skills required
Supplies and tools:  See full Supply list Ankie Daanen-Clown-Supply list.pd
Downloads: Supply list PDF

Kit is available

You also can order a complete kit with almost all materials included to make the clown. EMAIL ANKIE 

Course Curriculum

    1. Hereby I like to invite you the the private Facebook page for the class: How to make a complete clown!

    2. Welcome in my class: How to make a complete Clown.

    3. What can you find in the complete kit

    1. Welcome from the teacher.

    2. This class will show you how to make this Clown!

    1. Info in general:

    2. What do you need to start:

    3. What do you need for the costume:

    4. The body : Making the body and paper pattern:

    5. video how to make the body

    6. making the body:

    7. Sculpting the face

    1. Sculpting the face 1

    2. 18 sculpting face video 2

    3. 19 sculpting face video 3

    4. Making the gloves:

    5. Making the hands/gloves

    6. Making the shoes:

    7. Making the shoes

    8. Painting the face:

    9. Costume patterns:

    10. Make the costume:

    11. Make the base form

    12. How to put the doll together:

    13. Bonus lesson: How to convert your clown into a XMas man

    14. making the body

    15. Sculpting the face 1

    16. Sculpting the face 2

    17. Sculpting the face 3

    18. Making the hands/gloves

    19. Making the shoes

About this course

  • $89.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • PDF Downloads

Ankie Daanen

Mixed Media - Paperclay - Porcelain

My name is Ankie Daanen and I make artist dolls, and have been doing this for many years. My artdolls could be called theater-like figures that stay close to the human form. Every doll is a one of a kind and a lot of attention is paid to the costume which makes the doll special. I make porcelain dolls, but at the moment I only work with the Japanese Creative Paperclay. A self-hardening clay that dries in the air, is strong and has the appearance of porcelain. Teaching has always been high on my list and I really enjoy the wonderful results achieved by my students. But above all the pleasure in creating within this special art form is paramount. I therefore hope that through my online courses I can contribute to passing on my knowledge.

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