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Description: A short tutorial on mixing polymer clay. Why would one mix or "condition" polymer clay that appears to be ready to use in the package?
One of the most important ways to make the material workable and enjoyable is in the "mix" so if polymer is new or a mystery to you take a few minutes and watch this free video!
Media Category: Polymer Clay
Course Type: Self-directed - Student Choice (refer to the FAQ page for full descriptions of each course type)
Special Category: Free Course
Course Format: Demonstration
Course Begins: March 15, 2022 - Ongoing
Course Duration: 3 minutes

What will Students learn? How to condition and mix polymer clay.
Instructor/Students interaction: No Interaction
Skill Level: All levels welcome
Required skill(s): No special skills required.

Supplies and tools: No supplies or tools needed
Downloads: No downloads

Course Curriculum

    1. Mixing Polymer Clay

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Kate Church

Polymer Clay - Mixed Media

The line and gesture of Kate's work draws on a continuing practice and study of the human figure. Drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpting are a major part of Kate’s work life. Her use of fabrics reflect a background in textile design, her major course of study at Rhode Island School of Design: BFA 1978
The intention of the work is to carry a sense of emotion through the posture and expression of the figure evolving in front of her. Built using a process that is movable throughout its construction, a tangible sense of emerging comes naturally to the finished sculpture. Movement is part of their design.

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